Welcome to Innovative Septic Solutions

Greetings.  Did you notice how clear the water is in the jar at the top of this page?  That jar of water came right out of a septic tank that has an aerobic advanced waste water treatment system installed in the original septic tank.  Impressive?  We think so, and so do many others.

Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair

At Innovative Septic Solutions LLC, in Indian River, Michigan,  we provide Septic tank system problem repair with innovative solutions to waste water treatment with an add on device to make your current septic tank become an aerobic septic system design. Your septic tank basically becomes your own sewage treatment plant. We by installing an affordable IAPMO approved S46, made in the USA, effluent treatment system designed by  SludgeHammer International of Petoskey, Michigan.

No More Septic Tank Problems

Are you looking to repair your septic tank problems or avoid them altogether If the biologist at Innovative Septic Solutions LLC (ISS) could show you how to turn all of the sludge in your septic system into clear gray water, would that be something you would want to know about?  In fact the effluent is so clear and so clean that it is approved for use in drip irrigation for landscaping and gardening. The environmentally-conscious solution is here:  Let ISS or one of our authorized dealers install a SludgeHammer!

The SludgeHammer Aerobic Bacterial Generator can:

  • Re-establish your failed drain field
  • Prevent drain field failure
  • Save you money on septic tank pumping costs
  • Help keep our lakes and rivers cleaner
  • Be installed in residential or commercial situations
  • Be installed in traditional septic tanks or in unique tank situations for marine applications on barges, for example.

Cfailing-drainfield - advertisementall our biologist and owner of ISS, Richard Lincoln today to discuss repairing your septic system and extending the life of your drain field or leach field. Richard, best known as ‘Lincoln’, can be reached on his mobile phone by calling  231-760-0103. You may also visit our Contact Us Page here for more details on how to contact us or an authorized dealer.

To learn more about wastewater treatment  visit our  What is a SludgeHammer?  page by clicking here.  You can also read the white paper I wrote about septic systems, Flush But Don’t Forget by clicking here.