New SludgeHammer Dealer in Indian River, Michigan

We have been unindarted with requests for more information about the SludgeHammer  Aerobic Bacterial Waste Water Treatment system. This started happening after Richard, or “Lincoln” as he likes to be called, published his White Paper, Flush But Don’t Forget” in the Straitsland Resorter. With all of the interest generated by discussions about the state of the septic systems in Tuscarora Township, along with the new sewer system, it made sense for us to affiliate ourselves with the SludgeHammer Group whose World Headquarters is in Petoskey, Michigan. We are excited to announce that we have added the SludgeHammer advanced waste water treatment system to our septic system at BrassWind Landing in Indian River, Michigan. AND we are proud to add, that we have become the only authorized dealer in Northern Michigan for the SludgeHammer company.

If you missed reading the article “Flush But Don’t Forget” you may read it on our White Paper Page.