Eric Hanson SludgeHammer Dealer West Michigan

Meet SludgeHammer Dealer Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson is the owner of Hanson Contracting located in Fremont, Michigan. Eric has been a General Contractor building and remodeling homes in West Michigan for more than 20 years.  In 2013 Eric became a dealer for Innovative Septic Solutions and was trained in the professional installation of SludgeHammer Waste Water Treatment Systems. Eric is the brother in a law of Richard Lincoln, owner of Innovative Septic Solutions and works closely with him on system design and installation.

Eric would be happy to meet with your to share information about the latest Advanced Waste Water Treatment Systems. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural. We are Rehabilitating existing Septic Sytems. By Installing the SludgeHammer system in your home septic system your helping improve the water quality of our Lakes, Rivers and Streams. This is especially true when you home or business is on waterfront property or on a county drain system which may feed to a lake or river near you.

Interested in reducing the size of new septic systems for smaller building sites?  The SludgeHammer systems can help with your building or remodeling requirements.

We can help with Commercial wastewater issues. AND we are currently working on agricultural applications for manure management. To learn more about the SludgeHammer system and how it works you can read more on our website. Visit the page called What is SludgeHammer?  – click here. Or read our white paper on how septic systems work and more importantly on how a traditional septic system starts failing not long after it is installed and what you can do about it. Read the White Paper “Flush But Don’t Forget” – click here. If you have immediate questions please call Eric on his cell at 231-519-2151.