What is SludgeHammer?

What is SludgeHammer?

SludgeHammer is an advanced waste water system that can help your septic system keep working for decades past the years most people are getting out of their leach fields with the standard tank and drain field installation.  It also saves money on pumping  costs.

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Here is an excerpt from the recent article “Aerobic Bacteria A Low Cost Way To Deal With WasteWater” published in the Straitlsand Resorter, right here in Indian River, MI.

As Buzz Jenks, Sludgehammer’s CEO in Petoskey explains, the system is very simple. It’s basically an air pump that pumps air through a cylinder that is inserted into a septic tank along with a stick that has small bags of bacteria attached to it. The bacteria consume septic waste and convert it to nitrogen. The bacteria reproduce, a portion of the bacteria cling to the surface of the cylinder and the remainder drifting into the septic tank and out into the drain field. The bacteria in the drain field continue consuming waste.

This amazing waste water treatment system can bring back to life a dying or overloaded drain field!  If you drain field is saturated or you have been asked to replace it for some reason please talk with us first. We could save you money.  The SludgeHammer might help you to have a smaller drain field,  yet with a more efficient waste water treatment system, in a green that is environmentally friendly.

We have the SludgeHammer S46 aerobic bacterial generator system installed here at our office in Indian River, Michigan as well as some other sites around the state. If you have even 10 minutes,  we would be happy to take the lid off the septic tank to show you how amazing it really is.

The gray water resulting from this system is approved for drip irrigation use which might also provide a cost savings for you.

To learn more visit the SludgeHammer Corporate Website using the links below.

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